Silverlight Plugin Detector

Silverlight detection appears to work for Windows, Macintosh, and even Linux.

Please note: when PluginDetect says that Silverlight is installed and enabled in your browser, that does not necessarily guarantee that Silverlight will actually run in that browser. The most obvious example here has to do with some old versions of Opera. The Silverlight plugin can be present and 'enabled' in an older version of Opera, but it may or may not run. I can only guess the reason for this is that Silverlight is still relatively new.

In previous versions of PluginDetect, the detector would have tried to instantiate Silverlight to see if Silverlight was actually able to run. Unfortunately this would cause some older versions of Opera to crash, depending on how the object tag was constructed. Therefore PluginDetect now only uses passive methods (for all non-IE browsers) to detect Silverlight to avoid any crashes.