Shockwave Player Plugin Detector

Plugin Version Precision

The precision of the detected Shockwave version will vary between browsers. The reason for this discrepancy is that the amount of information available to PluginDetect varies between browsers and operating systems.

The plugin version is detected by PluginDetect.getVersion("Shockwave"). The getVersion() method will return a value of either null or a string of 4 numbers "A,B,C,D" separated by a comma. Each of these 4 numbers is an integer >=0.

For most browsers, only the first 2 numbers "A,B" are detectable, giving us a format of "A,B,0,0".

All 4 numbers "A,B,C,D" may be detected in Internet Explorer and possibly Firefox 3.6+, but only when conditions allow.

Shockwave for Director vs. Shockwave Flash

When we refer to "Shockwave" here, we are talking about the Shockwave Player, which displays web content that has been created by Adobe Director. We are NOT referring to the Shockwave Flash Player.

So, the Adobe Shockwave Player (for Director) is handled in PluginDetect like so:

var $$ = PluginDetect;
var status = $$.isMinVersion("Shockwave", "10");
var version = $$.getVersion("Shockwave");

Whereas the Adobe Shockwave Flash Player is handled like this:

var $$ = PluginDetect;
var status = $$.isMinVersion("Flash", "10");
var version = $$.getVersion("Flash");

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